The Champion’s Gate area is so aptly named because of the large signs that hang above the main entryway which clearly let you know where you are. The sign is large and positioned directly over the highway, which reminds me a little bit of the Santa Monica Pier sign in LA. If you’ve ever driven South on I-4 past Orlando towards Davenport or Tampa, there’s no doubt you’ve see the entrance.

Like any respectable suburb of Orlando, Champion’s Gate Golf Club offers two different golf courses. The suburb also has the luxurious Omni Hotel. Over the past few years, this area has really taken off. Champion’s Gate is on the outskirts of Orlando, but close to the developed I-4 corridor creating the perfect ecosystem for future growth. Most importantly, it’s 10 minutes from Disney property! Champion’s Gate is also one of the largest short-term property rental areas in Orlando.


Champion’s Gate is located right along I-4 on the very southern section of Orlando. It’s close to Davenport and Four Corners. All three of these communities have really expanded, seeing as they each essentially surround the southern and western parts of Disney property.  This means that you’re only three exits from Champion’s Gate to Disney!

Map and relative location to theme parks

Things to do in Champions Gate

The Omni Resort is the 17-story crown jewel of Champion’s Gate and can be seen for miles. They have the only resort wave pool plus an incredible lazy river. This is in addition to kid and adult pools. The Champion’s Gate Golf Club is also a hot destination, winning awards such as “Top 25 Golf Courses in the USA” from Golf Magazine.

There are a few shops and restaurants along Champion’s Gate Blvd, which bring you into the main community. Most restaurants are chains, such as Jersey Mike’s Subs, and First Watch Café, which supports the community well.

Homes in Champions Gate, FL

In my opinion, the neighborhood of Champion’s Gate can be split into two categories: tourism-focused resort subdivisions and suburban subdivisions. The line is often blurred between income-producing vacation homes and year-round resident communities in this part of town. While most neighborhoods in Champion’s Gate area allow short-term rental properties, some neighborhoods emphasize this fact more than others.

Festival, a Minto brand community, and Oasis, a community built by Lennar are two prime examples of short-term vacation-style subdivisions. The Festival community is bright, and cheery, and features fun amenities like the quaint Festival downtown (with an ice cream shop, general store, and small family restaurant) and the community pool. The neighborhood comprises townhomes in purple, green, blue, and other fun colors. You’ve probably even seen it from I-4 headed south to Davenport. They’re hard to miss!

Oasis, a neighborhood built by Lennar, features 4,000 square-foot homes with 8+ bedrooms! The homes are well-appointed and are priced at around half a million. My favorite thing about the community is the Oasis Club Water Park. It has a lazy river, a two-story water slide, a movie theater, and sand volleyball courts. The amenities in this subdivision are arguably the best in Orlando.

West Haven and Loma Del Sol are more residential-focused subdivisions. They’re styled in a more traditional neighborhood design and offer all the amenities you would expect: beautiful homes, tree-lined neighborhoods, and lots of green space. It was a pleasure driving through these neighborhoods. For the price, these two neighborhoods are my top choice.ORG_DSC07701_opt

The Festival subdivision is geared towards vacation rentals and includes its own mini town center!

The Festival community is comprised of bright townhomes just a few minutes from Disney

Some brand spankin’ new homes in the Oasis neighborhood, complete with neighborhood WATER. PARK.

Easily the best amenities of any neighborhood in Orlando in my opinion. This picture is only 1/4 of the water park at the Oasis community. This community even has a lazy river!

Why Live in Champions Gate?

Because Champion’s Gate is right next to Disney, most neighborhoods in Champion’s Gate are zoned for short-term rentals, which is a great way to own an income-producing property you can use when not booked.

Homes in Champion’s gate are typically newer, which offers lower maintenance. Champion’s Gate also features competitive home prices. This area is a great place to start your search if short-term rental vacation homes close to Disney and/or affordable homes are #1 on your list

Pete Werner

I'm an Orlando local and owner of The DIS (,,, and host of the DIS Unplugged podcast.

2 thoughts on “Buying a House in Champions Gate Florida

  • Pete,
    I follow you on the web and respect what you have to say about Central Florida. I have over 30 years visiting Disney and would like to ask for an opinion where to move to and ask if you think it would be worth it to rent a property first before moving. And ask your opinion on which properties would fit this bill if I were to rent first.
    Again thanks for your input, as it is valued. Keep up the fine work, it is enjoyed and beneficial.

    • Hey John, that’s a really tough question to answer. I think all the neighborhoods we have on the site offer something special. I can tell you this – while I love living outside downtown Orlando, if I was to buy another house it would probably be in Winter Garden. I’m absolutely in love with it. I would also move back to Hunters Creek in a heartbeat. I lived there for the first two years after I moved, and it’s amazing (and it’s proximity to Disney is awesome). As far as renting goes, I rented for 5 years before finally buying a house. I think renting is a great option if you want to get established here and really research the various areas and opportunities. Of course, Sean Faulk can help guide you in your search – you can email him directly at


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