No other suburb of Orlando elicits stronger reactions than Celebration. Celebration was built on the principles of a modern community with traditional styling and clearly delivers: the streets are spotless, the homes are beautiful, and the attention to detail is astounding. The city itself exudes uniformity, much in the same fashion as Disney itself. This isn’t surprising, seeing as this is one of two communities in Orlando conceived and created by Disney (The other is Golden Oak.) While not directly on Disney property, Celebration is only a few miles away. World Drive connects Celebration to Disney property without ever traveling by the highway.

Location & History

Celebration is located in Osceola County, between Hwy-192 and I-4. The Celebration Company, a subsidiary of Disney, originally developed the community. Disney took over 10,000 acres and developed half of the land into an upscale community, while the other half was to remain natural and untouched. Even today, it’s common to see deer and rabbits roaming through the preserves.

In 1995, Disney announced a lottery for the opportunity to buy a home in Celebration. In November, a drawing was held to decide who would get first dibs. Demand was so high that the original 351 platted lots were quickly sold. There are now over 5,000 homes in Celebration and over 12,000 residents.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Celebration was entirely governed by The Celebration Company — not the homeowners — which resulted in decisions based on profit more than resident needs. An example of such was no gas station or fast food restaurants on-site, but instead, Disney merchandise shops. Celebration was sold to a property management company in 2004 and has since made those necessary changes. Even though Celebration is no longer officially affiliated with Disney, the town center and community are well-maintained.

Map and relative location to theme parks

Homes in Celebration, FL

Homes are built in various pre-approved styles, including Victorian, Mediterranean, French, Coastal, and Colonial Revival. There are seven general sizes of homes ranging from cozy bungalows to larger estates. Most homes in Celebration have alleyways behind them. The lots don’t offer large yards, but most neighborhoods have generous common green space sprinkled throughout the many “villages” or neighborhoods. The homes are architecturally interesting and well-maintained, and the landscaping is impeccable. There is a town center that offers various restaurants and shops. Large oak trees line most streets, and the golf course is top notch.

On the other hand, the pain points of buying in Celebration include the covenants that come with ownership. There are many. For example, there are rules regarding For Sale signs, grass height, political signs, birdbath, and lawn gnomes. When painting your home, you must have prior approval from the Celebration architecture board regarding paint color. However, enforcing these rules means that home values hold strong in Celebration. Price points are the highest in Osceola County.

Why Live in Celebration?

Property value, Disney influence, location, and living in a beautiful neighborhood are the main selling points for Celebration. If you’re interested in living close to Disney in a community designed by Disney, this is the neighborhood for you. The neighborhoods are well-planned, beautiful, and fun to walk around. The strong sense of community in Celebration is hard to find elsewhere.

Homes for sale in Celebration, FL

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