5 Reasons to buy at Margaritaville

Ok, I admit it – I’ve fallen in love with Margaritaville. Prior to becoming a Realtor®, I’d never visited the resort. I’d heard about it (everyone in Orlando heard about it incessantly when it first opened), but I’d never actually gone there. After filming a few home tours there, I decided to dig in some more and check out what it has to offer. I’m glad I did.

1 – Proximity to the parks

For many people looking to move to Orlando, being close to the theme parks is important. Margaritaville’s location in Kissimmee, FL gets pretty close to filling that goal. You’re only 8 miles from Disney property. This is great if you’re a theme park fan, but even better if you’re looking to rent out your Margaritaville home part of the year. This is a huge selling point for potential renters, but when its combined with the other things Margaritaville has to offer, it becomes even more appealing. Read on…

2 – Hands Off Short Term Rental

For many people, purchasing a home in Margaritaville isn’t just about their vacations, it’s about other people’s vacations. If you’re going to purchase a home you intend to use for short-term vacation rentals, having a good property manager to look after everything, make repairs when needed, clean and service the home between guests is essential. There are select property management companies you can use when you purchase at Margaritaville, but they both offer full service. Your guests go to a central lobby desk to check-in, are given their keys, password for wi-fi, and information packet about the resort. I did this recently and the experience was flawless from start to finish. It’s a polished operation and you don’t have to do a thing (except pay the commission of course).

3 – Walking Distance to Shopping and Dining

If you’ve ever vacationed in Orlando, then you know that ‘resort’ feeling! Now, imagine living there. Margaritaville is not just a community of homes close to the parks – it is a world-class resort in its own right. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are a stone’s throw away on Sunset Walk. The H2O water park is another way you might choose to spend your Saturdays. Not to mention the Spa! These amenities also make Margaritaville very attractive when you’re renting out your home for short-term rentals.

4 – Well Known and Respected Brand

I’ve outlined a number of aspects of Margaritaville that attract people (both owners and tourists), but the name brand of Margaritaville is hard to beat. Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the sheer number of hotels, timeshares, and short-term rentals here is difficult to quantify.

5 New Build Opportunities

There are still opportunities to purchase new-build construction at Margaritaville. There are both cottages (single-family homes) and villas (townhomes) that are available. Resale units do come available from time to time (see current listings below).

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