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Windermere (Zip Code 34786) is one of the crown jewels of Greater Orlando due to its proximity to the parks-and-fun that all of us here at Moving to Orlando love! Not only are you in the backyard of the ‘Mouse,’ but there is an outstanding mix of single-family homes and estates throughout Windermere! Rich in taste, yet dwindling in supply – as the markets benefit towards sellers makes it an award of-sorts to get into one of these beauties. The growth and stamina of the market in Central Florida have proven over the same time last year that the increase in demand is staying strong for now – with our supply continuing to decrease over last year’s numbers. Today we go over how the market sits in Windermere, with statistics measured over the 3-month span of November, December, and January – as well as what is available now!

Current and Active Market Snap-Shot!

Actively in Windermere (as of 02/19/2021), there are approximately 12 condos and townhomes on the market with a price range of $209,900 to $375,900. We see around 123 active listings for single-family homes and villas with a price range of $370,000 to $14,950,000. You may notice a wide range of pricing, as Windermere is home to several homes ranging in size and estate-like qualities. The estates, both water-front or inland dwelling run up the price to millions, while you can also find some beautiful single-family-homes in the outlying communities within the high $300k and up market-range.

The Trends!


The supply of homes on the market in this area has shown an increase with condos and townhomes in most months, and an expected decrease in single-family homes across the board – following suit with the market’s supply and demand ratio! In November, we saw a decline of -20% compared to last year, with an expected supply of 3.57 months of single-family homes. In December, these figures were -30.1% over the previous year with a supply of 2.87 months, and January showed -48.8% with an expected supply of 2.18 months.

Condos and townhomes showed an increase of supply in November of +132% at an expected supply of 2.06 months. In December, we saw this trend slow with a rise in the supply of only +40.6%, estimated at a supply of 1.56 Months. This trend then flipped in January, showing a decrease of supply of -44.8%, relating to an estimated supply of 0.71 months. These numbers are compared in a year-over-year format, with the changes linked to the same time last year.

Closed Sales

In Windermere, we have seen the percentage of closed sales go up across the board. The only decrease was noted in November of 2020 for condos and townhomes. In numbers of closed sales, there were 13 condos & townhomes and 77 single-family homes and villas closed-on in November – with the decrease noted in comparison of this month for condos at -23.5%. In December, we saw a total of 18 condos & townhomes and 79 single-family homes and villas closed-on. Lastly, we saw a total of 25 condos & townhomes and 66 single-family homes and villas closed-on in January.

These closed sales correlate to how much supply we have seen eaten-up over the last 3 months – with buyers clearly showing interest and demand!

Pricing Trend on Closed Sales

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Pricing of closed sales has shown an increase in the median sales price, with the exception of November. Specifically, over the past months of reporting in Windermere, we have seen a -13.2% decrease in November at $512,000, an increase of +8.3% in December at $585,000, and a boost once more of +12.0% in January at $535,000 for the year-over-year median sales price of single-family homes.

Condos and townhomes have maintained a minuscule change from last year’s numbers, showing +6.2% to $275,000 in November, +1.3% to $268,450 in December, and -3.2% to $271,000 in January in median sale price.

The interest in Windermere has remained steady, with so much to love! Known for many years as a prestigious community, having quick access to the parks (laying right in the backyard of Magic Kingdom – a short 15-minute drive), and being surrounded by a beautiful chain-of-lakes. We shall see what the market holds in Windermere’s near future – and all around Central Florida!

If you have questions or want to speak to one of our Realtors about purchasing a home in Windermere or Central Florida in general,  you can contact us here.

Homes for sale in Windermere, FL

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