Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Disney World

Every Disney fan has asked themselves the question: “What would it be like to live here”? Well, as Disney fans who have ‘moved to the magic’, we can help. Moving to Orlando is a real estate team. Our site (and its associated Facebook group) is dedicated to helping answer your questions about life in Orlando. Yes, we know annual passes are not currently for sale, but we are hopeful they will return. With that said, one of the main reasons that our audience decides to move to Orlando is to be closer to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Here are just five reasons (there are many more) why Disney fans love moving to Disney World!

No more making ADR’s 60 days in advance

Don’t lie. You’ve done it more times than you can count. You were up first thing in the morning, exactly six months to the day to book that coveted reservation at (fill in the current ‘must-do-or-my-vacation-is-ruined’ restaurant here). Even though it has switched to 60 days, you still have to plan ahead when flying a far distance and paying a large sum for a Disney trip. Being local changes this game a lot. Instead, you open up your MDE app in the morning and start perusing which restaurants are available that night. You’ll get to experience (and discover) restaurants you may have previously passed on because that vacation time only allows for so much dining. For me personally, this has been one of the greatest perks of moving to Disney World.

Disney Cruise Line is an hour away and FLORIDA RESIDENT RATES

Disney Cruise Line LOVES Florida residents, and they show their love with some great Florida resident rates. It’s not unusual to find 4-night cruises for $700 per person in a balcony stateroom. If you want a nice long-weekend getaway, a 3-night sailing can be had for as low as $600 a person. I understand that most people, regardless of where they live, can’t just up and go on a cruise – but it’s always nice to have options.


Living in Orlando brings a whole new level to the concept of ‘stay-cations’. Just because I have a house that’s about 40 minutes away from the parks, doesn’t mean I don’t like to go and ‘have the experience’. Again – think of that long weekend in the fall. A room at the Boardwalk, some time at Food and Wine. Oh, forgot your phone charger at home? I’ll be right back.

No more waiting to experience the newest ride, show, attraction or restaurant

The most torturous time for a Disney fan is when a major new ride, show, attraction or restaurant opens – and you have to wait a year. Living in Orlando removes the need for that. Living here provides a level of instant gratification. With the recent opening of new rides, there are a lot of ‘Disney transplants’ who are very glad they moved here!

Epcot becomes your “Central Park”

My good friend and colleague, Kevin Klose, pointed this out years ago. For Orlando locals / Disney fans, Epcot becomes your “Central Park”. I know this is true for me, and countless others I’ve spoken to – sometimes we go to Epcot to just hang out. Grab some quick-serve food, walk around World Showcase – maybe stay for the fireworks, then head home. No ADR’s, No FastPasses, no flights or hotel rooms – just a nice relaxing evening in the most magical place on earth. As you leave the park, you think to yourself “This is my life now”. It’s a moment you don’t forget.

If you are ready to make the move to Florida and take advantage of being a Disney local, our Moving to Orlando REALTORS are here to help you navigate the market. Take a moment to fill out our contact form, and someone will be in contact with you!

Pete Werner

I'm an Orlando local and owner of The DIS (,,, and host of the DIS Unplugged podcast.

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  • I’ve
    Been ready for a long time. Hubby not yet even though he loves Disney. Maybe when I retire in a few years

  • Have you stopped the MTO Podcast?

  • Hi-Presently own manufactured home in Lake Placid, FL and condo in Michigan. Both retired. Wondering if you could recommend a good park or condo complex within great distance of WDW. DVC members since 1996 but have not visited Disney since 2015. Also needs to be pet friendly residence for over 55.
    Thank you so much. Have been following DIS but not sure about the new format!

    Antoinette and Martin Jones

  • I love this article! I’ve talked to both Sean and Danielle. They’re amazing, as is everyone in the DIS family. Love you guys! Have fun in Alaska!


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