Homes near Disney World under $350k – April 2022

It’s the question we get asked most often. How close can I get to Walt Disney World for under $XXX. The dollar amount changes with the question, but the question remains the same. How close can I be to The Most Magical Place on Earth? Below you will find current home listings within 15 miles of Walt Disney World that are priced at or below $350k. Of course, the closer you get to Disney the more expensive homes get. Therefore, if you have expectations of having your morning coffee with a view of Cinderella Castle, it might be time to adjust your expectations ;).

We have published this in the past. As the months wear on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find homes at this price point in the area. While the market continues its historic rise and mortgage rates remain at historic lows, the inventory of available homes continues to dwindle. As a result, prices go up. Most of us are all too aware of this. However, even with the number of home that meet this criteria decreasing, they still exist. It is possible to live near Disney.

If there’s a specific property below you are interested in, you can select the ASK link when viewing an individual listing, or you can click the Contact Us icon below to speak with one of our Realtors!

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