Hanover Family Builders is a local builder. They are not a cross-country builder like most of the builders I have mentioned previously. Yet, they shockingly stand up strong against these builders when you take everything into consideration.


Firstly, as with every builder on this list, you must love the floor plans before you put them in the top choices. They do not disappoint with their floor plans. Some of my favorites include the Wilshire, Osceola Executive, & Kensington Flex. This builder focuses on many different areas in Central Florida; however, their prices are usually great with their competitors. For example, out of all the builders on this list I do strongly believe they are one of the best when it comes to lot premiums. I believe Ridgeview was the only community that had slightly higher lot premiums. However, in most of their communities I’ve seen lot premiums range between 7,000 & 15,000. Obviously, some are a little more and a little less, but this is a safe average range for most of their communities.

Wilshire Model: Image Source: Hanoverlakes.com

Another fantastic trait about Hanover is the flexibility that they offer. Hanover offers a lot of their floor plans in multiple communities. The Kensington Flex I’ve seen in a huge chunk of their communities. You can see it over in Wiregrass in St. Cloud, Ardmore Reserve in Minneola, or even Preserve at Sunrise in Groveland. This just goes to show the flexibility they offer with location. So, if you fall in love with a specific floor plan by Hanover, but you want a more affordable area or a different location then you can still more than likely find a different location with that floor plan that meets your needs more. We all would love to live in Clermont, but for some of us it’s not always the most affordable area. However, Groveland is right around the corner from Clermont, and it can save you 10-20K just by switching to Groveland for that same exact floor plan.

Draw Backs

The only really flaw I have for them is not big at all unless you’re on a time crunch. Because they are such a local builder, they are not given the same resources as some of this larger companies. This could cause some longer delays in construction. Earlier this year, they were even estimating most of their completion dates to be at 10 months minimum. They ran into window shortages (just like a lot of the builders). However, it appeared to hit them much harder than it hit other builders. Because of this, it forced them to release 2-4 lots per month in each community for a while. Doing so caused them to have some long waiting lists. Therefore, a lot of my buyers (even though they absolutely loved what they saw with Hanover) had to move on and find a builder that they can move on faster.

In this market, time will cost you more money because prices are constantly on the rise. Although, after implementing that 2-4 lots per month strategy, it seems they were able to get better about their ETAs for their closing dates. Also, it seems like the waiting lists has died down a lot since a few months ago as I had multiple clients recently sign with them after waiting for just a month after joining the list. So, it seems like they resolved a lot of the flaws holding them back.

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