In the realm of residential development and sports/health enthusiasts and professionals – something exciting has been happening in Clermont. Over the last couple of years, many talks have been underway, along with planning and surveying for a new 243-acre master-planned community that focuses on health, sports, entertainment, and wellness. The Olympus Project!

What is Olympus and the focus?

The Olympus Project is one of the focus areas of what has been named Wellness Way. Wellness Way consists of 15,000+ acres of land that stretches near the western entrance of Disney to Horizon West in Orange County. The Olympus area includes the ‘Town Center’ that will include a variety of health, wellness, fitness, and entertainment venues.

What might we see in the Olympus project?

Some things that we may see in the project include:

  • An estimated 1,000 residential units
  • Multi-sport training and competition venues- which will boast sports celebrities, coaches, and world-wide sports brands and properties
  • Wellness, fitness, spas, Doctors, and health clubs
  • Dining, shopping, hotels, and business/office complexes
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Residential Plans!

With an estimated 1,000 Residential Units – we hope to see that these will include a wide array of options – multi-family dwellings, single-family homes, apartments, condos, and estates!

What can be expected economically from the project?

Over the build-out period, many of the investors, researchers, and members of the town involved in the project estimate that the Olympus Project will bring in approximately $1.4 billion of economic impact. This is a big impact on the entirety of the area and Clermont. They are also calling for the generation of 5,000+ jobs!

How long could it take for the Olympus project to be built out?

With the Olympus Project being such a large community and part of Wellness Way, they estimate that the Project could take upwards of 10 years to be completed. No one knows for sure how long it will take or what changes we may see in the plans themselves. For the sports, fitness, and wellness coveters, this newly developing community will surely be attractive. With the community’s planning and development still underway, we will need to check back in the future and follow along with the upcoming news and plans on the Olympus Project and Wellness Way as a whole!

More information and continuous updates on the Olympus Project can be found here!

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