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Mortons: The Steakhouse
7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd – Suite 132
Orlando, FL 32812
Reservations suggested – 407-248-3485

Some of the best dining in Orlando can be found on what locals call “Restaurant Row” in Dr. Phillips. On a recent evening, I had the chance to try out one of those restaurants, Mortons Steakhouse. This is not my first time at a Mortons restaurant – but it was my first time at this particular location. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this meal was the first one I’ve had outside my house in 3 months. The restaurant itself had just recently re-opened after the Covid-19 shutdown. But I was over in that area and desperately wanted a nice steak. I wasn’t disappointed.

Initially, I’d thought that the meal was so good because I hadn’t been out of the house in months, and maybe that played a role, but the reviews on speak for themselves. This, apparently, is a great steakhouse and this was my first time there. I hang my head in shame.

There were four of us in attendance. For appetizers, we ordered a wedge of Iceberg ($11), Nueske’s Bacon Steak ($21), SRF Wagyu Meatballs ($16), and a Lobster Bisque ($15). I’ve done a lot of restaurant reviews, and honestly, the first thing I pay attention to are ‘the noises’. By that, I mean the noises my dining companions make when they start eating. Silence is bad. A few ‘mmm’s’ are better, but orgasmic groaning is how you know they are enjoying the food.

The Wagyu meatballs were superb. Two large meatballs made from Wagyu beef in a delightfully sweet and well-seasoned marinara sauce.

The Lobster Bisque was creamy and spicy enough to have a kick without being obnoxious. It also had two nice size chunks of lobster. The mark of good lobster bisque is one that isn’t ‘fishy’ and this one definitely fit the bill.

I ordered the Iceberg Wedge, which came with a creamy blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumble, bacon bits, and egg. It’s difficult most times to get ‘excited’ about a wedge salad, but this was so good I ordered another one to go.

But, for as good as all of these dishes were, it was the Nueske’s Bacon Steak that was the clear favorite. First, take a moment and ponder that name ‘bacon steak’. Two long strips of pork belly, drizzled with an apple bourbon sauce that I’m pretty sure was made by God himself. After one bite, I dubbed this dish ‘meat candy’. Try it, and if you don’t come to the same conclusion there’s something wrong with you.

For our main courses, my dining companions all chose the same dish – the 6oz Filet Mignon ($39). It looked a little sad to me on the plate by itself, but presentation not withstanding, it was tender (you could cut it with a fork) and flavorful. Again, queue the groaning.

However, for my main course, I was thinking ahead. I ordered the 42oz Prime Porterhouse ($107). I say with some reservation, but it was quite possibly the best steak I’ve ever eaten that wasn’t Wagyu or Kobe. This was brined for 24 hours prior to cooking, and served with an Au Jus sauce. Again, this was a tender enough piece of steak that you could cut it with a fork. The natural flavor of the beef, combined with a very simple Au Jus gave it a flavor that was sublime. Of course, I didn’t finish this – like I said, I was thinking ahead. It might be a while before I venture out to eat again, so I brought most of it home and enjoyed it the next day.

We were offered a chocolate lava cake for dessert, but by this point, we were all so full from dinner we decided to take a pass.

I should mention that Mortons is owned by Landry’s Restaurants (which surprised me as I’m not usually a fan of Landry’s). As such, it participates in Landry’s Select Club, which offers you some perks including priority seating is one of them. That comes in handy at some other Landry’s locations, like Rainforest Cafe and some of the other Landry’s locations around Walt Disney World. The club is $25 to join, but you get $25 off your next meal, so it’s effectively free to join.

Walking away from dinner I kept asking myself how it’s possible that this was the first time I’d tried this restaurant. After all, I’ve been living in Orlando for more than 20 years, and lord knows I like to eat. Well, whatever the reason, this may have been my first time at Mortons in Dr. Phillips, but it will certainly not be my last.

Pete Werner

I'm an Orlando local and owner of The DIS (wdwinfo.com), DVCfan.com, DCLfan.com, and host of the DIS Unplugged podcast.

7 thoughts on “Local Flavor – Mortons Steakhouse

  • Great review for Mortons steak house,definitely on our list for a visit in October,also good to know it’s a landrys site

  • Bad choice of a title for this post as Morton’s is a National Chain and not “Local.” Yes Morton’s has good food, but so do real local restaurants that NEED business much more than a national chain with much deeper pockets. How about finding a “mom-and-pop” type restaurant for your next dining venture and help out a local business? I am a fan of The Dis and your YouTube channel and please take this feedback as constructive rather than negative. You are a small business owner in Orlando and I am sure you would much rather people planning future travel to Disney book through your Company rather than AMEX Travel (as an example). I too am a small business owner in Florida and now more than ever we need to support other small businesses and keep our money local (if possible).

    • When we did this review, it was very shortly after restaurants began to reopen. We tried three other restaurants on Restaurant Row – all were closed, except Mortons. While it’s a chain, not all Morton’s are consistent. I was surprised I liked this because I’ve not had great experiences at Morton’s in the past.

    • One other thing, while the chain may have ‘deep pockets’, the servers don’t. Just because a chain is national doesn’t mean they don’t employ local workers. Our server that night was incredible and clearly grateful to be back to work.

  • Do they serve, or have you every had, Olive Wagyu A4/A5 grade?

  • My goodness, can any review make my mouth water any more than it is now??? Morton’s is our ‘go-to’ place for steak when we’re on property. we take the drive…Always enjoyable. What? No comments on that fantastic warm onion bread to start???

  • There are SEVENTY THREE Morton’s in the USA, and 8 overseas, all with pretty much the same menu, quality of service, and excellence. Love the review, but this isn’t a particularly “Orlando” experience. Much prefer in this space reviews of local places or otherwise special ones that someone from elsewhere wouldn’t be familiar with. Thanks.


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