Local Flavor: 3 Sisters Speakeasy

3 Sisters Speakeasy
226 Broadway Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Website: https://www.3sisters-speakeasy.com/

I have lived in Kissimmee for the last five years. Kissimmee spans a huge area and is not always regarded in the best light. When people think of their ‘dream home’ it isn’t usually in Kissimmee. We only think of tourist-traps, heavy traffic, knock-off Disney gift shops, and not the greatest motels in the world….but Kissimmee has a lot more to offer!

If you drive beyond the Disney area on highway 192 (heading east) and make a few quick turns you will find yourself in downtown Kissimmee. A bustling strip with local shops, flavors, events, and one of my favorite local restaurants – 3 Sisters Speakeasy.

3 Sisters Speakeasy

I’ve yet to have a bad meal here, but I specifically went again to take a few photos and showcase some of the foods I really enjoy here. It’s not signature dining, but it is locally owned and operated and has a great variety of options for everyone. 3 Sisters Speakeasy specializes in burgers, salads, sushi, Latin staples, and pretty much everything in between. Some restaurants that offer too many things just end up doing everything kind of ‘meh’ (think Chili’s or Applebee’s on highway 192) but not here. Each cuisine is very well prepared and could stand alone as its own restaurant. Here are a few of my favorite dishes.

3 Sisters Roll

3 Sisters Speakeasy - 3 Sisters Roll

Crispy tempura shrimp with cucumber topped with slices of shrimp and special sauces (seems to be a blend of spicy aioli and eel sauce) for $12.00. Their sushi rolls always stand out. They always taste freshly rolled and have a beautiful presentation. It’s a standard sushi roll but it’s so consistently good that I just crave it every time I come here. $12.00 for good quality sushi isn’t a bad price, especially because they put tempura shrimp inside the roll and have sliced shrimp garnished on top of each piece as well.

Bourbon Burger

3 Sisters Speakeasy - Bourbon Burger

Half pound Angus beef with applewood smoked bacon, bourbon sauce, caramelized onions, and pepper jack on a toasted sesame bun for $13.50. (I also add mushrooms for an uncharge.) The 3 Sisters only have 4 burger options and while they are all great, the Bourbon Burger is the standout.

I get to eat in a lot of very nice restaurants but, I feel very at home with a burger like this. It’s artery-clogging and messy because the bourbon sauce just drips out but somehow the bun isn’t soggy. I don’t really know how they manage that but it’s an amazing combination and it’s good to have like 20 napkins on hand. The bacon is always crispy and the bread is crunchy and it’s just a really standout burger. I also get the sweet potato fries because they use this awesome sea salt on them, but they also give you sweet potato sauce, which is a creamy brown sugar cinnamon dip for them and it’s the best part of my day.

Fish Tacos

3 Sisters Speakeasy - Fish Tacos

Blackened seasonal fish (which just means Tilapia), shredded cabbage, mango salsa, tomatoes and chimichurri sauce for $14.00. This dish also comes with saffron rice, which tastes like nothing here so I would switch it for something else, but the tacos are really something special. The mango salsa adds a fresh sweetness and the cabbage adds a nice crunch, but the stand out is the fish itself. Sometimes when I have blackened fish, they mean ‘burnt’ or they mean ‘overly spiced.’ Not ‘spicy’ just full of black pepper and very basic spices to mask a cheap fish. This is very nicely done, it has a nice char and the tilapia doesn’t have a strong ‘fishy’ taste. They toast the tortilla a bit so it’s not limp and it’s a perfect combo for those who want a fresh option without the heavy-messiness of the Bourbon Burger.

3 Sisters Speakeasy has a ton of other choices as well. The prices are very reasonable and the location is awesome when you live locally. They also have trivia on Tuesday nights, live music on Wednesday-Saturday and it’s right in the middle of downtown so it’s very accessible. Plus, a nice sized bar and it’s next door to a wine bar. I usually go for lunch and it’s always easy to grab a quick bite. While it’s not going to be winning awards for innovated, Earth shattering new cuisines, it does many staple items extremely well and at a great price.

Pete Werner

I'm an Orlando local and owner of The DIS (wdwinfo.com), DVCfan.com, DCLfan.com, and host of the DIS Unplugged podcast.

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