Living near Disney – too much of a good thing?!

It is no secret that if you are reading this – you are most likely a Disney fan. I can’t deny it myself – ever since the first time I walked down Main Street in Magic Kingdom, I was hooked. But what about moving or living close to the Magic we love? Does it add to our love? Does it make us feel more connected to the Magic? What about fulfilling a lifelong dream? Or, does it simply wake us up in the middle of the night with a ‘BOOM’!

Okay, okay – maybe that was a little drastic. That being said, living close to the Magic of Disney can really be broken down into a gauge of your thoughts – and it mostly comes down to distance! It’s all relative. After all, a true Disney Fan who is exploring moving to the area – will most likely move to the area eventually. I did! (insert New Jersey transplant joke here!) What’s on that gauge of likes and dislikes, though? Here are some of the Pros and Cons I’ve come across.


Bragging rights! Yes! Not that I entirely promote bragging, but who wouldn’t like the idea of saying: “oh yeah, I live in Windermere and can be at Magic Kingdom in 10 minutes” or “I’m 3 miles away from Animal Kingdom living in the Windsor Hills community” (Of course all dependant on your location). Whether it’s right near the property or 30 minutes away – it’s going to be closer than non-locals. I live about 30 minutes away – and it’s close enough to accessible and not “day trip” or overnight stay required. I love that!

Rental and Income Opportunities! As long as your sub-division, neighborhood, or HOA doesn’t have reeling-rental-restrictions – Rent It Out! Being close to the parks is a prime selling point for income potential! Yes, there can be cons associated with this, and the income stream is dependant – but it can be worth its weight!

Views of the Fireworks! Reeling back to Windermere – and also some reports from Dr. Phillips and other surrounding and select areas, you may be able to score a property with a (possibly limited) view of the Fireworks. This may come at a price, though, so it’s relative to the pros vs. cons.


aerial photo of buildings and roads
Traffic? Maybe, but you might be able to get around it as a local.

The ‘BOOM’ mentioned earlier! Fireworks are beautiful – but hearing them every night? Children, Sound Sensitive Animals, medical or sensory sensitivities, and background noise may be thoughts with this—all reasons you may not like living close. However, if you talk to the locals or look at the boards or Facebook group, many people say they’re used to it. Some even say they miss it (in the case of the recent Covid-19 situation and restrictions) or when they move away (*sad face*). Again, this is dependent on your proximity and you. Deep down, it would help if you questioned whether or not this is something you would like or hate. If you live further away – it may just sound like light thunder in the distance, or you may not even hear it at all.

Traffic – Eek! I wouldn’t say I like traffic (me – coming from NJ shore towns and the Garden State Parkway), and living close to the parks will put you near the traffic coming in and out of the area. (There are two different types of traffic, did you know that? Tourist and Commuter! There’s a difference, maybe not explainable – but there is!) That being said, living like a local for some-time, you will probably find your way around this. Ruben Colon (Realtor at Moving to Orlando) mentioned in one of the MTO articles that he found new ways to get to the parks off the beaten path. Even from farther away in Clermont!

The expense? Yes – the expense. As with all things good and grand, it comes at a premium. Between business’ being smart in revenue & income, gas prices, and home prices (this can be relative depending on area), there may be a noticeable increase in how much you spend. Then again, you get what you pay for – and being close to Disney may be worth it! Whether it’s the millions in Golden Oaks or half a million or less in Windermere (As of September 2020 – Med. Sale price for Single Family homes was at $474,500 in Windermere – townhomes can be found for less starting in the $200k range). There can be a happy medium, too, living slightly further away – like me!

What about Disney luster, or the loss of it?

blur bokeh bright color
That Dusting of Disney Magical Luster!

What’s the biggest thing that comes to mind when thinking of something being too much of a good thing? The luster-loss thought. You’re a Disney fan, and you moved close to the Magic. Will you lose the Sparkle in your eye you once had? Remember when it was a once or twice a year trip to visit the parks – Exciting moments! From what I see on the Facebook groups, I hear it ebbs and flows. Myself, I don’t think it will ever lose its luster. A true Disney fan will always have that spark (I know I do). Sometimes, the flame may alternate in its intensity when you’re deep in day-to-day life.

For myself and many others, Disney is an escape. So I would fall back on that escape and remember that feeling every time I step into the parks. Also – a piece of good advice that I heard was the ability to show the experience. When you have out of towners, I was told to feed off their vibes and enjoy showing them around the “local way.” It hits the accelerator on your Disney-loving-engine! There can be a different love for Disney too – the Local Love. Who can say, “Let’s go to Disney Springs tonight for dinner” or “Let’s head over to Epcot for lunch.” every week. You will be able to – if you make the move!

I’d love to know some of your thoughts on this – whether you haven’t moved yet or you’ve already moved. Comment with some of the things you have come across and on both sides – pros and cons. How do you keep your Disney luster, or have you not had to think about it?

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