Hunters Creek – A bit of Exclusivity and Community!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live not only close to Disney and its theme parks but in a town that offers substantial exclusivity in its community!? Well, recently, I was on an outing with a talented photographer and videographer, exploring some of the surrounding neighborhoods and towns of Orlando – including the Hunters Creek Area. We were scouting around – and with a brief pit stop, I got to speak to one of the Hunters Creek Association Employees about the community in a random parking lot. I learned that not only is Hunters Creek diverse in its development over the years and subdivisions but has exclusive parks and recreation areas that only owners of homes in the neighborhood can access!

A Brief overview of Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek was largely built up in the ’80s and ’90s; however, it is still developing today. It is composed of some 48 neighborhoods – 38 of which are largely single-family-home based, and 10 being composed of multi-family dwellings.

The individual neighborhoods were built from East to West, spanning mostly between Orange Blossom Trail to immediately west of John Young parkway. Located on this west end is one of the newest communities located in Hunters Creek, ‘The Pointe.’ This is included in the list of 38 single family home neighborhoods.

Real Estate Snap-Shot as of December, 2020

In the area of Hunters Creek for August, September, and October 2020, the Median Price of a home Sold was between $277,500 and $286,000. In those same months, approximately 185 homes were sold or closed on, with an average market time of 31-34 days.

There are approximately 25,000 Residents & some 8700 homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments.

Theme Park Distance! Hunters Creek is within an approximated 15 to 25 minutes drive to the Disney Theme Parks, depending on the park and area of town.

The Exclusivity…


I learned that there are 7 parks located within the community. These parks include picnic areas, multiple sports courts & fields, playgrounds, walking paths, and nature! I am a nature lover (the crunchy granola and long hikes kind). I found it very enticing to have private access to nature and walking paths. When visiting these parks, the town requires you to have a ‘Hunters Creek’ ID Card. This is what makes it so exclusive. It does not mean you cannot have guests, though – a perk of being a resident.


  • Braddock Oak Park
  • Calabay Park
  • Eagle Park
  • Mallard Pointe Park
  • Osprey Park
  • Vista Park I
  • Vista Park II (Newest Park)

HOA and Association Structure

When speaking with the employee, I also learned of the HOA structure and how it works. When you move into a neighborhood located in Hunters Creek, you have two fees that you pay. Your specific neighborhoods HOA, and the Community HOA. The Community fee is associated with The Hunters Creek association as a whole, separate from the neighborhood HOA fee.

The Community Bond with Activities and Associations

After leaving the area, I decided to hop on the Hunters Creek website to gain more insight into the town and the community. I found an abundance of additional information. Hunters Creek is filled with all sorts of family and adult activities and groups. Examples include Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, Women’s Organizations, the “Fabulous Fifties Plus (FAB’s) Organization, a Community Patrol Group, and so much more.

They even have a magazine for the town. When I looked at the calendar, it was filled with all sorts of meetings, groups, and activities for Hunters Creek. Some of the more recent activities include House Decorating Contests, ‘Chalk your Walk’, Virtual Crafts Fair, and Drive-in Movies.

For Golfers – Hunter Creek is also home to a Multi-Tier tee golf course set among 13 lakes, according to the website. Surely a great place to tee-off! The course itself features 5 sets of tee’s from 5,225 yards to 7,268 and is part of the Orlando Golf Trail. (A group of 10 Disney Areas Golf Courses).

My Final Take

During my exploration of Hunters Creek, I found it to be a well-rounded area. With plenty of shopping, eats, and community togetherness, and not to mention being located close to the parks. I was definitely taken aback by the exclusivity of the area parks and neighborhoods. That township employee knew so much information just off the top of his head. Hunters Creek is absolutely one of the many great areas to live in Central Florida and a place to get that bit of exclusivity and community togetherness!

If you’re interested in learning more about moving to the Orlando and Central Florida area, please reach out! One of our Realtors can help answer any questions you have about the process.

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