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I love Orlando! Probably for the same reason that you are reading this article or scrolling this website – The Mouse! Actually, who doesn’t think of Disney when it comes to Living or Travelling in Orlando!? Definitely not me. Aside from the typical tourist attractions, I wanted to know what else you could do in Orlando. Especially if it was unusual, different, and not something you would typically find on an itinerary.

Through my search and recent outings – I have come across just that. Here is a list of some unusual things to do and see in the Orlando area that may break up your busy week or normal travel plans!

Goat Yoga

Yes! You read that right! Goat Yoga and other types of animal inclusive Yoga are a thing in Orlando. At Wildflower Farm and Alaskan Farm – for instance – you can experience this unusual and different version of Yoga!

Before leaving home, be sure to don clothing that will cover your back and shoulders – as many visitors and websites express the possibility of baby goats jumping on you. Not a Bahhh-d experience (poor choice of pun? haha). Who doesn’t love a baby goat? I know I love nature (maybe not Yoga in my everyday life), but nature and animals nonetheless!

Along with your ‘Upward Goat’ experience, these events also usually allow time for pictures, goat feeding (Including milk to baby goats), and other novelty extras!

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

I personally love a good spirit or orb experience (whether a skeptic or a believer). At Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, you can experience Tours and Events that may just provide that! (Day tours for History and Night tours for Encountering Spirits). Cassadaga is not only a place to see an Orb or Spirit at night – but also loaded with history and an interesting back story! Surely a change of pace and different place to visit in Orlando. Read below for general Tour Information.

Day Tour: Guided tour of the community – that is dated from the Victorian Era. You will learn about the History of Cassadaga, the Spiritual activity that goes on around Cassadaga and in the homes of its residents, and about spiritualism and Energy.

Night Tour: A guided night tour through the “Energy Hot Spots” where you can capture or experience the spirit energies in all forms (Including physical phenomenon). Encounter Orbs and Spiritual Manifestations. Entry into 2 historic buildings Included. Photography is welcomed in all areas.

Citrus Tower

One of Central Florida’s first attractions was the Citrus Tower (Located in Clermont). A 226 Foot Observation Tower overlooking Retired Orange Groves and Sprawling Lakes! (what seems out of place if you are not from the area or have never set your eyes on it before). Still open to this day – a trip to the Retro Painted Citrus Tower will get you optimal views of Clermont’s rolling hills and scenery! I was on an information prospecting outing in Clermont recently when I came across the Citrus Tower. I had to make a stop to soak it in myself. You can see it from miles away when traveling around Clermont.

Citrus Tower Bonus (Located Right Next Door): Presidents Hall of Fame

After visiting the citrus tower, I was taken aback by what was right next door – the President’s Hall of Fame! Something I did not know existed until the site of the Citrus Tower grabbed me.

At the President hall of fame, you can catch a glimpse of U.S. Presidents (In wax form, that is), and miniature White House, Mt. Rushmore, and Lincoln Memorial replicas! Visiting here, you will surely be able to catch up on Presidential History. Definitely an experience to have on a day where you just want to do something different!


If you have ever wondered what a building would look like if it were upside down – WonderWorks Upside Down Museum and Activities is the place to go! (Especially for a fun family experience). WonderWorks follows the story of “Professor Wonder” who had a secret laboratory on an island in the Bermuda triangle. On this island, one of his experiments with a Tornado went terribly wrong. Everything got turned upside down!

When you walk up to the lab, the building itself literally looks upside down! You have to walk through the ‘Inversion Tunnel’ to get re-oriented and turned right-side-up as you enter. Some of the activities at WonderWorks include The Weather Zone, The Physical Challenge Zone, Space Discovery, The Wonder Art Gallery, The Light and Sound area (*Flashing Light Warning*), and The Imagination Lab.

The Wheel at ‘Icon Park’

I travel around the Orlando area quite frequently for Real Estate (for obvious reasons), and every time I am on I-4, I always see this massive Ferris Wheel! What is that? Well, it’s The Wheel at Icon Park! Being visible from I-4, the huge Ferris wheel stands at 400ft tall and offers views all around Orlando.

With a ticket or pass purchase, you can experience views that you won’t find elsewhere. You can even enjoy it with a beverage. This a great activity for one or a couple. That being said, The Wheel at Icon park offers the option to book a ‘Private Capsule’ for larger groups too. An 18 minute+ ride where you get to experience the views from 400ft in the air with your friends!


All of these will provide an unusual and different activity than what we normally think about when experiencing Orlando – and with Orlando being such a big area – I’m sure there are more than the above unusual activities around. Let us know if you have tried any of these or know of any other unusual or different things to do in Central Florida!

If you have questions or want to speak to one of our Realtors about purchasing a home in the Central Florida area, you can contact us here.

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