Results: Annual Pass Poll for Disney World Locals

A few weeks ago, we polled our Moving to Orlando Community of local residents to get a feel for where they stood when it comes to purchasing a new Disney World Annual Pass. We only asked a few simple questions. The goal was to get to know which pass locals were planning to buy (if any). Also, we wanted to see where purchasers fell with the add-on choices. The responses didn’t leave us too surprised. Let’s check out the results!

Which Disney World Annual Pass Are You Looking to Eventually Purchase

We posed this question with all the new passes as well as the option in addition to the option if you were not planning to purchase an annual pass. I know there was some definite disappointment in many aspects of the new passes such as pricing and inclusions and we saw a decent number of people across multiple social media platforms vow to not purchase another Disney Annual Pass. The results say otherwise. While those people do make up a percentage, it’s still not the vast majority. Around 80% of Florida residents who took our poll do plan to purchase a new Disney World Annual Pass eventually. A little under 20% said they don’t plan to make that commitment.

The fact that a majority of people still want to be pass holders is not surprising. It’s still Disney and many of us still love it. Despite changes, we aren’t ready to give up on our happy place. Also not surprising is the popularity of the Sorcerer’s Pass which brought in a little under 40% of the votes. This is the most similar to the previous Florida resident Gold Pass. Even though it has gone up in price, the pass is the best happy medium option between the top-tier and the two lower-tiered passes in terms of price and block-out dates. It’s no surprise that it would rank as the top pass for Florida residents.


Do You Plan to Add-On to Your Annual Pass


The add-on poll results also didn’t bring any surprising news. It was disappointing to learn PhotoPass will no longer be included in Annual Passes. Therefore, it’s not surprising many locals will forgo this added expense. First, many of us have enough on-ride photos for a lifetime. Second, we can take our own photos. Last, for a small family, especially a couple, only one person needs PhotoPass to take photos together or capture on-ride photos. You can always scan the band of the person with PhotoPass or sit in the ride vehicle with them. It wouldn’t make sense for two people who travel together to both pay the add-on fee.

For the water parks and sports add-on, that was never a very popular up-charge. The water parks at Disney are fine, but nothing newer and exciting like Volcano Bay. In addition, Blizzard Beach is the only Disney water park that has been opened in the past year. Plus, many Floridians have their own pool or access to a community pool. In other words, it makes sense there would be less than 15% of people interested in this option.


Thank you to those that took the survey to help provide us with valuable insight into where our local Disney fans fall in terms of Annual Pass purchases. Despite the ups and down with all the changes being made, it’s obvious by looking at the results, you still care about visiting The Most Magical Place on Earth.

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