About the Moving to Orlando Team of REALTORS

Moving to Orlando is a team of REALTORS® and passionate Disney fans who all moved to Orlando to be closer to the magic of the Disney parks. Our goal is to take our knowledge of Orlando and help you make the move to Orlando, or anywhere in Central Florida!

Ruben Colon, REALTOR®

I’m Ruben Colon; Licensed Real Estate Agent and Co-Owner of Moving To Orlando. I’m a huge nerd and fan of most of the more mainstream fandoms out there like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and anything and everything Disney-related. Growing up, these films and exciting places shaped me into the person I’ve become today. Throughout my life, I’ve had the pleasure to work in so many different areas of hospitality (including working at both Disney and Universal) and do my best to help make people I come across happy. However, by Moving to Orlando, I finally get to build a career of not only making people happy and bringing them closer to the magic, but I can turn a brief magical moment into a lifetime for them. I look forward to meeting so many people from all around the world, and even more so, I look forward to turning your dream into reality by doing my best to help you find your dream home within arm’s reach of the most magical place on earth.

Razek Labbad, REALTOR®

I’m Razek Labbad; Licensed Real Estate Agent and Co-Owner of Moving To Orlando. I was born in Venezuela, grew up in England, went to college in Puerto Rico, and now live right behind Magic Kingdom! My love for Disney definitely came at a later age, when I decided to do the Disney College Program, where I both met my partner Sean Faulk and got to enjoy Disney as an employee and an adult. I have a passion for travel, and with as many places around the world as I’ve lived and visited, I can safely say that nothing compares to living in Orlando due to the vast variety of things there are to do, even outside of the parks! Orlando really is just one giant playground and I’m excited to be a part of helping people join me and fulfill their dreams of owning Real Estate in one of the most magical cities around.